Tank Heating Burner

A wide range of process liquids can be heated accurately and consistently with the Lanemark TX Series small diameter immersion tube tank heating systems.

Highly cost-effective in operation, efficiencies in excess of 80% are readily achieved in both newbuild and retrofit installations in various process such as product finishing (metal or plastic parts, steel strip, wire products etc.) and cleaning (industrial tray washing) to food and drink production (hot water tanks, mini breweries, CIP, scalders).


TX Series Burners
- Heat inputs up to 730 kW
- Simple heat ex. installation
- Induced draught design for large tank
- Common flue for multiple burners
TRX Series Burners
- Heat input up to 45 kW
- Single package design ideal for small space
- Common flue for multiple burners
MTX Series Burners
- Heat input up to 30 kW
- Assembled in protective enclosure
- Simple system installation
- Ideal for small industrial washing applications
TxCalc® Software
Burner and heat ex. selection must be consulted by Lanemark via TxCalc analysis reports:
- Heat loss and load calculation
- Performance estimating
- Heat exchanger and fan selection
TX Spare Parts
Tank Heating Enquiry
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