Single Line Conveyor

A suspended chain conveyor system (monorails) always form a closed loop which is driven through a rail profile by a caterpillar track. The weight of loads to be carried by the chain and the circuit length are the critical points in determining the choice of chain such as Enclosed Track, Open Chain Track and Side Track which can support critical load from 50 to 5,000 kg per point.


SGC Freeline System
- Track 230, 240, 250, 260
- Capacity 50kg to 5,000kg
- Painted steel, galvanized or SUS material
SGC Chain Conveyors
- Closed track construction
- Pendant loads of up to 113kg
- SUS material
SGC Side Mounted Chain Conveyors
This is recommended in areas where hygiene and/or prevention of contamination is critical.
MCM Chain Conveyors
- Powertrack and Sidetrack
- Capacity 90kg to 549kg