Infrared Heater

Electrical infrared emitter provides the most flexibility with short, medium and long wavelength range generated from hot surface of thin filaments tungsten covered by glass tube. IR short-wave is ideal suit with absorption band of organic matters particularly for curing of powder coating. Units offer 100% efficiency, fast respond in seconds, minimal maintenance and low operational cost with Zone temperature control. Ideal for heating flame sensitive material e.g. wood, MDF, plastic and textile.

We also supply Silicon Control Rectifier or SCR power regulator which is solid-state device used to control heater power output through analog process input signals.


Infrared Process Heating
- What is Infrared?
- Infrared applications
- IR ovens and sources
- Potential use
IR Heater
- Custom design any Wattage
- Allow for 0-100% output control
- Any process length and width
- Lightweight w/o water cooling
- Easy install with fuse-clip mounting connector
IR Emitter
- 24K Gold reflector
- Twin or single tube
Ink-Jet Dryer
- Eliminate paper fires
- 24 Volt or 120 Volt
- Ready to plug in and dry
- Lower belt and surrounding equipment temperatures
- Cool to the touch drying modules for safe and comfortable operators
Design & Selection
Let us help to design and select infrared system conformance with your process requirements.
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SCR Power Regulator
Single Phase 220V : 40A, 65A
Three Phase 180-400V, 40A-200A
Input : 4-20mA, 0-10V, VR-10
Mode : Phase angle & Zero cross