We firmly believe that the supply of top quality, proven process gas burner equipment should only be part of our service to customers. It is vital that ongoing, reliable operations are ensured throughout the life of each installation.

BurnerCare will helps the factory maintain process standard, trouble free operation and ensure process reliability.

BurnerCare includes;
- Visually inspect your burner(s).
- Carry out a pre-check and risk assessment.
- Perform check, clean and test.
- Rectify any faults identified during the service visit.

Temperature Profile Service

Service offers temperature profiling service to enhance process uniformity using the most advanced temperature monitoring system.

This service will influence;
- Better understand process .
- Improve heat distribution.
- Identify process drawbacks.
- Reduce energy consumption.
- Proof equipment performance.
- Certificate.

* For more information about temperature profile service please visit our facebook page.

No warranty to burner system working the highest performance unless each heat exchanger is strictly constructed from the pipe sizes specified and assembled in the exact configuration indicated by TxCalcTM.

TxCalcTM System Design Service will help;
- Calculate heat losses from process tank systems.
- Design suitable heat exchanger configurations supported by a computer model of the anticipated performance.
- Select associated TX burner, gas train, electrical controls and exhaust fan equipment.