Fog Spraying

Mist spraying system is designed to control ambient temperature, humidity, dust, odor and get rid of insects outdoors which keeps humans or animals comfortable in extreme environments like Thailand. The system offers a great deal of advantages to commercial venues such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, outdoor residents, amusement parks, factory premises and greenhouse (growing plants).

AR pumps are a combination of exceptional degree of technology and innovation, quality and reliability worthy of a leading brand on the market. The wide range includes many models which vary in terms of pressure, deliver, power and technical characteristics,

ผู้แทนจำหน่าย หัวฉีดหมอก ปั๊มแรงดันสูง สำหรับควบคุมความชื้นในอุตสาหกรรม เพิ่มความชื้นในอากาศ


Auto Spraying System
- Tiny droplets
- 180°/360° automatic rotary
- Easy to remove
Fog Nozzles
- Durable material
(Ceramic, SUS, Brass)
- Fog, Rotary or Spray type
- Distance of spray 1-4 m
- Clean with filter
- Brass material
Power Sprayer with Motor
- 30 KGCM2
- 500 PSI
Misting Pump
High pressure misting pump for fog spraying system.
Voltage supply 230V
-0.2kW 1 L/min @ 80bar
-0.6kW 1.3 L/min @ 80 bar
-0.3kW 2 L/min @ 80 bar
Dry Fog Humidifier
Low pressure huge volume
Less air consumption
Easy-to-maintain mechanism