Oven Heating Burner

The Lanemark Forced Draught (FD) burner design is extensively proven in applications which oven temperature is not over than 450°C such as product finishing (pretreatment dryers, paint drying and curing ovens), textile and fabric dryers, rotary moulding machines, food processing and powder or grain dryers.

The system offers flexibility and high turndown capability up to 50:1 for process air heating applications where combustion efficiency and minimum emissions are of prime important.


FD-C (GA) Series Burners
- Heat input up to 880 kW
- Gas:Air ratio operation
- Short flame profile
- APL monobloc gas valve technology
- Simple instalaltion in line or 90° to process air flow
FD-C Series Burners
- Heat input up to 880 kW
- Modulating (gas only) with analog input signals
- Short flame profile
- Protective steel control box
- Allowed operation with negative oven pressure -5 mbar
FD-E Series Burners
- Same exacting standards as FD-C w/o steel enclosure
- High/Low control
- Economic model
FD Spare Parts