Infrared Burner

There are various types of infrared burner supplied by PP Systems. Stainless steel RB1 body is the best suit for food process and paint baking oven. Cast iron body offers cost effective and can install in all direction. Our infrared plaques (Ceramic fiber, Cordierite and Cordietire REE) offer high intensity medium-long wave and low gas consumption up to 20%. These range is ideal for heating organic material especially powder coating.

There are various applications recommend for infrared system such as infrared grill & cooking, paint baking oven, industrial surface treatment, infrared brooder, asphalt road repair and ect.


Infrared Process Heating
- Infrared application
- Type of IR oven
- Energy sources
- Potential use
Maywick RB1
High corrosion resistance and light weight design. Ideal for food process & paint baking oven.
- Heat input 3.22kW
- Size (mm) 160W x 212L x 54H
- Body SUS Gr.304
- Ceramic fiber plaque
HD Infrared Burner
- The most competitive price
- Durable with cast iron body
- Cordierite REE plaque save 20%
- Available models are HD81, HD82, HD162, HD262, HD410, HD600
Ceramic Fiber Plaque
Ceramic fiber is manufactured in vacuum oven which offer higher radiation, porosity and thermal resistance rather than the others.
- Size (mm) 184 x 130
- Reduce flashback
- Permit to installed facing down
Cordierite Plaque
- Size (mm) 92 x 130
- Brand "Coorstek"
- Made in Germany
Cordierite REE Plaque
- Size (mm) 93 x 135
- Higher radiation
- Save gas 10-20%
Ceramic Fiber Gasket
- Width 60 cm
- Max. operating 1,600°C
Gas Flow Control Valve
- Size 1/8" NPT
- Body SUS Gr.316 Teflon seal
- Flow rate 0.1-5 SCFM
" Precious for Control Constant Downstream Pressure"
Control Module
- Model PP CTRL02
- 48x48 Digital Display
- High Cut / Shifting off
- On-Off Operation
- Auto-timer function
* optional for isolate switchs and indicators