Ignition System

Infrared burner can be ignited by using both Hot Surface Igniter and Pulse Ignition System.

Hot Surface Igniter is a single component made from proprietary ceramic composite converts 230VAC to 980°C surface temperature.

Pulse ignition system comprising of 3-pin igniter, pulse ignition control box and solenoid valve. These can function sparking, flame detection and gas control which can interface with PID controller to maintain oven temperature.


Hot Surface Igniter
- Model736 Mini-Igniter
- Operating 230V/980°C/5sec
- Lead wire can use up to 550°C
- "Saint-Gobain’s" made in U.S.A
Pulse Ignition System
- Alumina-Zirconia & Magno
- 3-pin spark rods
- Operate with control unit & solenoid valve
Ignition Control Unit
- Input voltage 230V
- Output voltage 16kV
- 7 wires with 1.2m H.T. cable
Gas Solenoid Valve
- Brass Size 1/4"
- 230VAC / 50Hz
- On-Off operation
* IP65 optional model
Gas Flow Control Valve
- Size 1/8" NPT
- Body SUS Gr.316 Teflon seal
- Flow rate 0.1-5 SCFM
"Precious for Control Constant Downstream Pressure"
Infrared Burner Control
- 4, 6, 8, 16 Modules
- On/Off, High/Low/Off, Modulating
- 230V with Timer
- RS-485 Real-Time Profile Monitor
* Specially designed for Paint Cure Oven