Metal Fiber Burner

The New Generation of Process Heating Burner !

Metal fiber burner is the best solution of surface combustion type burner which flame generated on its surface media made from woven FeCrAl. This media permitted homogeneous combustion for both radiant to high intensity blue flame allowed smooth translation between both modes. MFB150 ranges have been developed by PP Systems (Thailand) for many years to achieve high turn-down character with uniform heating , energy efficiency, low NOx & CO and anti-vibration.

The burner can be customized design any shapes suit your process applications, please contact our engineers.


- Max. Power Input 100kW
- Heating Area (mm) 150 x 150
- High turndown ratio
- Anti-Vibration
- Low NOx and CO
- Easy to install
- Smooth translation between High/Low firing mode
* Performance curve inside
- Force draft designed
- 4-20mA control signal
- Pulse width modulator designed by PP Systems
- Constant Air:Gas ratio
Gas Train
- High/Low Operation.
- Port Size 1/4"
- IP65 Rating
Pilot Ignition System
- Most reliable for burner ignition
- Custom design igniter & flame sensor
- Spark and flame detect functioned by pulse ignition control box
Control System
- High/Low mode
- Industrial grade components
- Simple installation
* Control module can be customized design to meet any process requirements.
- Agriculture
- Food & Baverage
- Air/Tank Heating
- Special Process