Energy Recovery Unit

Energy recovery unit (ERU) or recuperator is a plate or rotary air-air heat exchanger offers potential energy efficiency to your process by recovering waste heat from exhaust air. The recuperator offer efficiency up to 80% made from flat aluminium foils with galvanized end cover is suitable for high temperature applications, 200 deg.C.


Fixed Plate Heat Excahnger
- Sensible heat recovery
- Efficiency up to 80%
- Max. operating 200 deg.C
* Recomend for industrial oven heat recovery or oil paint baking applicaiton.
Rotary Wheel Heat Exchanger
- Large capacity > 5,000 CMH
- Low temperature applicaton
- Max opeating 50 deg.C
ERU Employemt
ERU Selection
Example of ERU calculation
Heat & Energy Recovery Ventilator
- Increase fresh air to the room, while energy consumption can be improved.
- Heat recovery efficiency up to 90% via counter flow plate Hx.
- Air volume from 115m3/h to 2000m3/h
- 3 to 10 speed control by standard or intelligence control panel.